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coming back on before we go into the iraq other issues surrounding this debacle you're only national security strategy committee what implications for defense of the realm given that karelian is in charge of certain facilities around britain's nuclear deterrent in scotland a vastly naval base well the tentacles of cotillion seem to be where they are the tarmac in the past a company that i was a very weird if i did a degree in civil engineering they built some of the floating docks. and they would undoubtedly be still be. delivering for the ministry of defense it's a concern in defense of it's a concern of the civil side as well primarily of course my my sympathies and understanding because foster to the workers and the employees who are losing their jobs who find themselves in a precarious situation is forty thousand affected indeed you know what's the management penalty here we see managers here on bonuses clawbacks been taken away. on their watch this has happened to this big company also question for the u.k.
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government a two fold question they've taken away their code in order to the current representative i should say who who kept an eye in companies quite closely in what closely with these companies that didn't happen also when the give the profits warning the u.k. government kept pushing money in the direction of clearly and which could only mean they were putting taxpayers' money at risk public money at risk whereas the scottish government at that point was trying to manage and move are we and being aware of the difficulty that could arise that no hazardous and because i was and what a prime minister who's corporate responsibility czar top adviser on called responsibility up until recently was the person who then became chairman personal of caribbean village green here sure do you have the regular phone calls saying these are normal profit warnings you just cyclical nature of the economy nothing to do with the systemic existential threat to the got raises huge questions though about the relationship and the overlap on the. that is an e.t.s.
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between the highest levels of politics in the u.k. and the highest levels of some of the biggest companies in the u.k. delivering for the government and ensuring the prime minister that all is fine when all was not fine and then we see the pieces line in front of us huge questions political questions have to be answered and what was the prime minister when she didn't do diligence that we should just take in a friend's word is everything will be fine let's have another jenna tonic a sister going to act this way of putting lives over government yet again another version of it ok i want to get on to the philosophical implications of this as regards the economy but there will be people in this country wondering whether in your country wondering about what happens to the aberdeen western peripheral road what happens is that will scotland's railway electrification whatever to edinburgh's waverley platforms the capital of scotland's rail stations are in trouble because of really well having governments have to do the best for continuity here we have we have to make sure that services are delivered for the
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republican or bailing them out just follow the other government the problem here with with companies like this is the privatisation of profit and the socialization of loss when clearly and we're making the money and the money's gone in bonuses the money is gone and she had all the dividends but when the problem comes the problem is socialism it's the same with the banks it's the same with many other things we did a near little experiment is just about falling apart i don't i don't adhere to the we have delivering public contracts while you take short term profits and you have new viewer no responsibility or no worry about the long the medium to longer term has to be of concern and i think there is this penny has dropped both from the conservative and liberal benches in the house of commons that there is adriel problem with that we companies look very short term on a company's i've known have gone on the stock market. sometimes have got themselves off it quite quickly again the betting i think we did drop with jeremy. when all is
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political lifetime when the few of his supporters the bottom of the labor party are any pennies going to drop for the scottish government because you're saying you're giving these commitments is london already talking with the scottish pollens saying they're going to give you the money to continue these projects is massively important structural i mean i think i think first about where we want to make sure that those working on the u.k. government projects in scotland find themselves in is in a secure position that the u.k. government works night indeed to make sure that these jobs continue when we have problems in scotland where with by far been talent and influence the u.k. their scottish government what ninety one with motherwell we did what we did to bring them in it to keep jobs so it's beholden on the u.k. government this is a beer mouth created by the u.k. government in many ways and we defend the taxation comes from all taxpayers they're not anti to college and i think you know the u.k. government is a huge role to play here we obviously have certain contacts we have to keep going we can't leave we have really station for instance as
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a building site in perpetuity because situation is that i mean that whatever you know as these companies have at the end of the day they have the public over a battle because this has to be done and we all know what has to be done and they go bust and they work with the bonuses and the profits or whatever we've still got to go and pick up the pieces and let them with this privatizing the privatizing fetish that's been driven push the thought through the beer in london well as to that given the brics it means that shin fein has become a very important party to the government obviously the g.o.p. is very good important because they wouldn't be prime minister without a world where is scotland when it comes to negotiating monies off of back for through karelian and other things because you know even on the border in frame in the day you can talk about talking face to face they're down here talking and so i think i think the point there that should in fairness abstention is nationalists don't have the clout that they might do for the voters of novel only on certain irish no. nationalism is important as it never has been before. unionism most of
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the u.k. unionism is that was you know that that voice could be diminished in favor of the european union the single market had the northern irish people voted for participation nationalists as opposed abstention nationals that's a matter for them but it's just a point it's worth observing that they've left the field open in the absence of any government in northern ireland they've left if you look into the city or representatives of northern ireland which are the unionist politicians at the moment on the are going to have a softball or so everyone seems to say where are you going to have a hard border whatever i'm writing as and we should have a violin are we as a citizen isn't there something in the we are giving you have a weak position here not at all because. if there is a soft border with ireland that is a soft border with scotland why would the u.k. government who the u.k. government or what resumes see in what these may well have to do are two different things that is becoming clearer and clearer in the backs of negotiations if you
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have a look at northern ireland they have exceeded every demand of the e.u. border on the island of ireland remember it's the e.u. border. me when she has with one member so that with everybody else because the most favored nation status the deputy you would mean that you've got to treat everybody else if you can the other so that's just utter nonsense to talk about scotland the talk about scotland has its third its main export market isn't england another sort of the public of ireland's main export market is england as well you don't have to see the government to trade what leaders want whatever is what you what you do how well i think when we have our independence referendum in the next fifteen months i'll be given all the leverage we need and we have forty nine percent just now and you can only get fifty one percent by implication the e.u. sixty eight percent support in scotland the e.u. is far more popular in scotland than the u.k. that's very damning for the status quo on the government and the government in london is that just probably the reasons why we got the likes of the bad government . of london that's feeding into the political picture don't give you everything
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we've spoken about has been in the context of the failure of lehman brothers in twenty zero eight and of course the failure of r.b.s. the massive bank was bailed out by the british taxpayer tell me about what you've been talking about in parliament lately about the. quite controversial very controversial at the scotland out of the upset or else i'll be as want to cause an awful lot of but i'm just a little scotland will damage the economy of little scotland hugely they've made no impact assessment no what he new concern it's just something that at a much more board level they've decided to do for instance my own small island they want to take away the last bank the only bank that's ever been it and they want to take it away which means people would have a decent travel to go banking elsewhere. and for some of the context the bonus part of r.b.s. a sixteen and a half million pounds this year would pay for two hundred sixty six years of salary at my local branch so we've seen corporate greed buccaneering devil me kid attitude
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to society around them just for their own personal enrichment and you know when you think in broadcasting at the moment of the supply side rush to do of course but there's an argument about gender but gender pay a one to one ratio which end of pay that levels men and women get paid the same bigger question here the more good place to get at the bigger question though becomes the ratio between the top level at r.b.s. and their bonuses and all these types of companies on the bottom level because the rishi was there no obscene it obscene and you know that there's some sort of revolution but after that have to take place well if you had any when they leave you to take in take scotland out of the absolutely i mean they are going to close a branch as well as i. said in parliament they call themselves the royal bank of scotland while while the tories going to one side to scotland's economy to one side not giving a damn frankly for them to continue the r.b.s. to continue to use the name scotland this should be seen as it's almost criminal you know really largely a balance to find out where the. take the royal out of it well that might be my
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next step they would just be called a bank but they might be dodgy to close down all the branches. have something to say. i want them to come on the big bonuses your meeting with them they've offered me meetings at videos levels but i want them to come the chief executive if he's this fantastic was good he can come and talk to an island. and explain why it's a good idea to close the branch in the area around his bonus alone member the whole lot of them is to them sixty six years on his bonus alone would pay for about sixty years of the salary so you know if the financial whiz kid we're told he is mckeown i'd like to see it come along and talk the islanders and explain it because these are the princes of the modern liberal experiment let them come and tell the people male thank you thank you for the bright why have the black revolutionaries been written out of the history books we speak of red international and black caribbean
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stevens about the continued fight against. being waged today by the world's working classes from the headlines why we're losing the war in iraq the war on child poverty. coming up going on. here's what people have been saying about. the same. parents better than. ever heard of. the world bank. you sent us an e-mail.
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when i was told seemed wrong. when old rules just don't hold. any new world it is yet to shake out just because to add to it and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. well come back with we could go through some of the stories now is because your former liberal democrat member of parliament lembit gave arshad speech last night fascinating but did you make any money out of shorting karelian this government contract or as so many of the city of london did for getting in for a moment the tens of thousands of jobs at risk now i've got all my money on uneek through a bet between kim jong and donald trump can't lose after and god knows you think
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i'm drawing is going to take over this is go to this oxford professor daily doings blog very informed danny dorling he says on martin luther king day twenty eighteen child poverty rates are still rising in the usa and the u.k. born leader nine years ago this week and a hero in history but what dollar says is he would be hated today because his legacy has been pretty much thrown out the window poverty is at twenty five percent in america and that's the highest for child poverty anywhere in the developed world but hold on a sec we can crow about it from the u.k. because it looks like within two years we're going to overtake that up to thirty percent if you include homeless issues and benefits issues to pull in but the government for these one tory council has a solution to all of this let's go to the metro surely a solution to the awful terrible problem fear not this is brilliant from gloucester council which is about a two hundred miles west of london tory council puts up poster telling people not to give money to the homeless it's beautiful in the world well it would be badly
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spent if you give it to the homeless the posters are you really helping homeless people well i think the answer is yes but apparently not in the council's eyes there is a sort of subtext to this which arguably makes sense you give it to organized charities and then they give the money in a measured way but come on these people are hardly raking it in they have got private jets there apparently some of them and i quote the story in accommodation receiving support and benefits of human beings having their little also. so i think that the c.e.o.'s of britain's biggest charities need those salaries in excess of hundreds of thousands of pounds so you're also hurting them when you give that money but again surely outside all of this debate is the government should be building not war houses i'm not supporting saddam hussein when i say there was a better housing situation in iraq with before the twenty three war forces when your terms of thing to worry about suicide bombings in baghdad puncture you found hope now where did the new found new york times hope i think it might be right what
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two dozen people killed in the outside two suicide bombers killed more than twenty four people in baghdad we don't see this in the western media very much it's boring it's old news and it's not our boys and girls who are dying there it's just the locals and we did quite a lot of that ourselves but if you look at what's really going on there there's no kind of peace there we've lost our boys over there because i want to glee the british defacto support for ice is linked and al-qaeda linked groups in syria the failed attempt to destroy the president government they're all retreating into iraq that doesn't count on it to british they're not there all volunteers are not officially working for us well within the past twenty four hours or so the p.l.o. has suspended recognition of a state of israel which was the big oslo decision until israel abides by the u.n. security council resolutions are regarding nine hundred sixty seven borders what this story from here at switch looks pretty gloomy to me gloomy economics news on
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top of the other unrest. gazan economy infrastructure on verge of collapse israeli security officials say well they should know because in large part they're causing it it looks like and i quote again official the gaza strip is going like from zero to below zero in short the infrastructure is failing ninety five percent of the water there isn't drinkable and the sewage is being pumped straight into the mediterranean and the reason the israelis should be concerned about. this is because if you take everything away from a group they've got nothing to lose and this could literally blow up right back in their faces second thing in a story there's an increase in infection and potential epidemic there balls of disease there and those germs they don't respect borders they're not going to be kept out of israel by a war this is a classic example of cutting your own nose off to spite your face and they've been bombing. palestine in the bust forty eight seventy two hours the biggest open air
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prison camp in the world today there's some good news though they've got six or seven hours of electricity now for so they have to buy from you guessed it israel some type of internet in the west where they were hoping thank you. well for a post from gaza are on the verge of collapse of the revolutionary nations labeled by the us president joining me now from new jersey in the usa is professor of history at essex county gallager and us army veteran margaret stephens whose new book red international and black caribbean is out now professor douglas even thank you so much for joining us just before we go to the amazing book that you've written your thoughts on the fact that in the past seventy two hours maybe in iraq double suicide bombers killed perhaps scores of people in baghdad so many so many years after the invasion when we should place when you were in the u.s. army and i think it speaks to the way in which western imperialism. has not only imploded in the middle east but the ways in which the working class resistance
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movements of the past one hundred years failed to generate the kind of internationalism and solidarity necessary for workers to figure out what the viable methods of resistance need to be would you say that your new book describes the wholesale destruction of working class with winds which in a way explains why donald trump arguably is right to call nations in the western hemisphere. now the book is more about a heroic history than a tragic demise with respect to donald trump his remarks about people of color nations primarily in africa and the caribbean as being nations sure this is a sentiment that said hedger manic i mean i mean he i mean he took the example of haiti and so many of the nations in your book could be arguably seen
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a central but haiti did you ever start seeing the irony that hillary clinton was i'd rather take it for the democrats saying two hundred thousand were killed in the twenty ten earthquake i mean i was in haiti in two thousand and ten after the earthquake. carrying on the legacy of some of what it is that my book is about which is the relationship between radicals organizing between new york in the caribbean so in the end you know in the aftermath of the earthquake i went out there with some of my activists friends and we tried it is we tried to start a school and also we had a little medical facility for a lot of folks who just needed basic medical care. and you see poverty absolutely you see poverty everywhere across the entire country but i traveled the country was some of my friends and you also see a higher level of working class consciousness that i never saw in united states you go to haiti and you talk and you have conversations with people in various towns and communities in a court of prince about politics about dialectical materialism and how to
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understand the world you know scientifically and looking at people and social movements you know through to the notions of contradiction in you know these young people anywhere from twelve to thirty five and their next question is you know what's next ok so what do we do there that higher level of consciousness and just human activity the energy many eighty just from five in the morning till till you know eleven at night you feel the human energy people are alive even though they're poor. so absolutely you can see the ways in which the economy in haiti is continues to suffer you know since independence to be honest with you from you know colonialism neocolonialism corruption which is oh it's a manifestation of the lack of resources in the global capitalist scheme of things you definitely see that but you also see the potential for working class struggle in haiti in a way that's definitely much more. proximate then in places like here
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in newark new jersey where obviously we're not going to get time to talk about those initial stages a revolution auditors or louvered or but in the book again and again it's the russian revolution and it's. can textual influence at all the movement seemingly just tell me a little bit about i mean people in britain that alone knowing what the people of the youngsters in port au prince know about i don't going to know anything about what you found in british guiana moscow's support for workers and british here what about what is it the bullshit revolution in one nine hundred seventeen had a huge impact on workers all over the world and my focus specifically on jamaica cuba haiti british guy trinidad. mexico we can't forget mexico mexico plays a pretty critical part in this book my focus on them and puerto rico my focus on the way in which the communist movement. based out of russia then impacted workers
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all over the world in and you had folks like well for domingo who was a jim aikin migrant to the united states who talked about bolshevism in guyana when he looked at workers in one nine hundred nineteen who were just in an uproar across the caribbean and he just asked questions in his magazine in his newspaper that he created you know is there bolshevism in the caribbean and i think that when we began to just understand the complexity of the ways in which working workers running society really really seeped into the minds of so many people in their imaginary their concept of what was possible with their life activity it just gives us a much broader richer and more exciting cast of characters to draw from when we began to think about the history of radicalism black radicalism anti-colonialism we just have such a rich diverse set of figures and to me the most successful ones were rooted in
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communist party leadership not always the communists were always in the forefront sometimes workers in the caribbean were in the forefront and communist sort of had to look up and say wow you know let's write a memo on that because that was huge and we need to follow their lead so it wasn't a sort of one. way trajectory from moscow to the caribbean it was a constant back and forth and the back and forth that i look at is not so much between moscow's morsels between new york mexico and then what i call the black caribbean although london has an influence there i know you're talking about a new game there but other than about the influence of newspapers. those little bit about oil as well mosley of course was then supported by the daily mail newspaper here in london that he opened a chapter of his fascist movement in trinidad to oppose communism where we tend to look at fascism in western metropole whether you know germany or france or now everyone's talking about trump in the u.s. but part of the point i was making with mostly was simply that fascism also in the
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caribbean was in my opinion almost constant and like fascism was colonialism in essence was a sort of form of fascism is part of the argument i'm making so that's part of what i was trying to do with the book was look at the way fascism hit. the dominican republic on it you heal in the impact that it had on on haitian workers in dominican workers and also the ways in which communist resisted but then also failed to mount a deeply internationalist anti-racist fight against some of the fascism when it was at its worst point because people are going to know more about taking all the days for the rich and famous in barbadoes than britain brutally putting down any kind of revolutionary activity on that i would hire one of the questions i have in the book that i pose is why is it that there are communist parties founded in the period one thousand nine hundred one nine hundred thirty nine in haiti cuba puerto rico but now the british west indies the british government was banning not only the negro
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world but even more severely all the communist presses that i saw coming from new york as early as one nine hundred twenty they were banning them they were running down people's houses doing home raids so if you had the crusader. or the emancipator in your house in one nine hundred twenty you know when you were just a black worker or you know you wanted to start a co-op you could very easily end up you know in jail so the british ruling class was extremely serious about censoring any communist influence in the caribbean and that sort of one thousand nine hundred revolutionary working class turmoil the british really looked up and did everything they could to prevent the circulation of these materials on steamboats coming from germany and london and making its way to the caribbean we know that cuba as perhaps the only nation that is survived across the across all this appeared of time that that you talk about tragic that we know more about these countries really is tax avoidance and tax evasion yeah right
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so all those places where you know were people like to stash their wealth i mean panama you're talking about the panama canal how with the panama canal built black workers were brought from across the west indies to to work into slave in the panama canal. so in these places where you have the sharpest evidence of corruption and wealth and the sickness of capitalism and colonialism you also have workers who resisted against that and sell i was simply trying to look at the richness of that history with respect to workers of color in the caribbean present obviously vince thank you. thank you and that's it for office show the new season will be back on saturday when we scramble today's you good bye minister's questions but your we call in challenge to raise amazing minority government on its multi-billion pound failure to protect public services until then people that buy social media with a twenty two years to the day that yasser arafat one hundred percent of the vote in
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palestine supposed elections conducted as he faced a defacto assassination threat from british and u.s. backed israeli agents. global warming are selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle is going. to stop spreading tell you that it's not because of the public by itself of the most important. of them off the bad guys who tell me you are not cool enough to buy their product. these are the hawks that we along the border will watch. here's what people have been saying about redacted in the night with us exactly just pull along awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know
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a lot of the really packed a punch. yam is the john oliver of hearty americans do the same we are apparently better than the blue things that i see people you've never heard of love went back to the night i'm the president of the world bank so take on the right me seriously send us an e-mail. are the mainstream media intentionally gaslighting the public against president donald trump story first appears to be equally true trump goes with style gas like the media what kind of body politic is this creating as the us become a collection of hysterical drama queens. young children have worked in bolivia for generations almost three quarters of a million doing so today. this culture led to the development of bolivia's new
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liberal and highly controversial children's code in two thousand and fourteen which gave children as young as ten the right to work under certain circumstances but does anything as. these animals. eat them without having the end all. the things years. but there are hundreds of thousands of children in bolivia operating completely outside the local. mining work is strictly forbidden by the children but it's never enforced and that means the school boy minus here continues risking their lives for the money they
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need to survive on. south korea reach a breakthrough soft power deal to launch and compete under one flag in the upcoming winter olympics start as foreign ministers from twenty countries at a special summit decide it's time to get tougher with pyongyang. the pressure campaign will continue to intensify pressure just to include cutting off diplomatic ties with north korea u.n. agency for palestinian refugee slams america's decision to slash funding for the organization and they've dubbed it the worst crisis in their history also to come. their russian agents in this very own parliament right now. lies and lies and lies are being told throughout.


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